I have to say, it is really disappointing that in today’s society, only certain people are allowed to voice their opinions in opposition. After watching the news clip I have included below, of a CNN reporter cutting off a demonstrator who is just trying to point out why he is there, I have to say that I am just sick and tired of the media bias.

Journalism is dead. What we have instead are airways and channels of editorial reporting, where so called “reporters” give us their opinion and political beliefs on topics. Kind of like bloggers. We give our opinions and beliefs in matters, but we don’t hide behind the belief of being professional journalists. Heck, I’m a Chemistry major for goodness sakes. English writing was never one of my best subjects, but blogging has helped me get better.

But back to the reporter. If there is one thing I have learned when working as a professional, it is that you NEVER cut someone off when they are speaking. And the second thing you never do is become condescending to that person when their beliefs are different than yours. Obviously, this reporter, needs to go back to etiquette school and learn some manners. Not that I do already, but I won’t be clicking the remote to CNN anytime soon.

The last thing I will say is that I am very proud of those that made it out yesterday to show their disappointment and anger over the growing government and increasing taxes. I spoke with numerous family members and friends across the nation who went to their local Tea Parties, and everyone of them said the demonstrations were peaceful. Nothing like what was being reported by the likes of CNN.