Living in Florida during the summer could be brutal, especially with the sun beating down on you with high humidity. You couldn’t leave the house without breaking out in a sweat. Of course it never really gets that hot up here in the North.

Even though Minnesota doesn’t live close to the equator, we still need to take precautions from the sun’s strong rays. One way to enjoy the outdoors is to lounge in the shade under a canopy.

Popular here in Minneapolis and St Paul are Gazebos. Some are made of wood and attached to the back porch. Screening them in is useful to keep the bugs out and enjoy the evenings as well. You could go with the option to the left and just buy a simple metal frame canopy that will keep the sun and rain off of you. Touring the pond and landscape tour last week I saw the tiki hut above. It is a great variation and helps give a theme to your backyard.

The best time to buy patio furniture is after the summer is coming to an end. Yeah, I know, you won’t be able to enjoy it for long this year, but you will save a ton of money and not pay retail. Pull it out next year and enjoy your great buy. Now if I could just find a home before the sales end!

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