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Keep Your Home Information Confidential

When selling your home, it is extremely important to keep confidential information confidential. Any details given out could harm your position with a buyer who is interested in your home. Knowing things like your motivation or personal circumstances are great for a buyer, but they can easily take advantage of these facts and offer you

Copyright on my Minneapolis Blog

(I placed this post originally on my Historic Home Blog today, and thought it best to bring it on over to my other blogs, as an FYI about copyright and not stealing my photos and content.)A recent incident that is now recurring is forcing me to write this post about copyright of photos used on

Minnehaha Falls

A great place to visit in Minneapolis is Minnehaha Falls on the east side of town. The evening I took this photo last weekend was Prom night, so we had to find a spot around the prom goers getting their photos taken, in order to take a good picture of the falls.

Writing a Post Everyday…Does it Really Matter

I have been thinking lately how life is keeping me from blogging everyday. I used to write everyday the first year or more of this blog, but am finding it difficult to keep up. Business has picked up and so has life with two kids. There are some other successful real estate bloggers in town

Spoon Gets It’s Cherry Back

On Friday, the art piece "Spoon and Cherry" at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, got its cherry back, after a few days of getting a new paint job. I took this photo yesterday, which was hard considering the amount of photographers there and prom goers.

We Need Your Help to Stop the Minnesota House of Representatives

Below is a press release sent to Minnesota Realtors regarding some important tax law modifications that will negatively impact homeowners in our state. Please take the time to read the below information and take action via the link below. All of us need to come together to protect our real estate market.From the Minnesota Association

Newly Released Market Report from Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

The newest update is in from the Realtor Association, who actively tracks real estate market statistics like none I have ever seen."Hopeful signs of a Twin Cities housing market recovery carry on thanks to a combination of no growth in the spring supply of homes for sale and still-improving sales figures.Helping to keep inventory down

Spring is Finally Here

I planted some pansies last week, as they are the first real flowers you can plant in the Spring that survive the cooler temps. Over on my garden blog, I have started writing on what is peaking out of the ground. Hopefully this drizzle rain of the last two will help them grow a little

Tea Parties and the Media Discrace

I have to say, it is really disappointing that in today's society, only certain people are allowed to voice their opinions in opposition. After watching the news clip I have included below, of a CNN reporter cutting off a demonstrator who is just trying to point out why he is there, I have to say