I ran across an interesting blog this weekend that will take your questions and answer them. Written by designer Annie Elliot, the Bossy Color Blog talks about interior design and what to do about it. We all know the dilemma. You walk into your home, take one look at that white wall, and wonder what in the hell you can do to make it look not so white.

Well, we are all saved because now we can actually get some free advice, turning our homes from boring to posh with some paint and other design techniques. Like I said before, Annie’s “you asked…” section, looks at questions posted by her readers, photos included, and finds solutions to their design challenges. I think I need to submit some questions for her myself!

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  1. Annie, bossy color February 8, 2009 at 10:12 am - Reply

    Jennifer, thank you so much for mentioning bossy blog in your fantastic blog. I would be delighted to answer your clients’ and readers’ questions anytime. (I have friends and relatives in the Mpls. area, so I’m also a bit familiar with the architecture.) Many thanks again.

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