Minnesota is well known for its excellence in education. Nearly 92% of all adults have graduated from high school, ranking the state sixth in the nation. In addition, higher education attendance is also high with 60% having taken some college courses and 34% receiving a college degree.

Pre School – to give kids fantastic beginning, Minnesota public schools provide many opportunities:

* Early Childhood Health and Development Screenings offer parents solutions to conditions that may interfere with a child’s growth and development

Private Schools – not being funded by the state means that private schools must use tuition and fundraising to support the school. A huge benefit of being privately run means the school is free to set their own standards for admission and the types of educational programs they will provide to students. View a list of Private Schools and Montessori Schools in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Universities – the Twin Cities metro area has a long list of universities and colleges available to the public. The oldes is Hamline University which was founded in 1854. Minnesota is also part of the Midwest Student Exchange Program which allows state students the opportunity to attend colleges in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska with approved tuition reductions. The state also has reciprocity with Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota, giving students lower tuition rates for attending public universities there.

View a list of local Universites and Colleges, as well as some institutions across the state.