Most Americans Happy with Their Current Home

Ninety Percent of Americans Do Not Regret Buying Their Current Home A new study released by Bankrate, Inc. and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International shows that, even with home prices sliding and mortgage rates the lowest in decades, the vast majority of Americans do not regret buying their current home. Among the findings: 

The Wrong Reason to Buy a House

We all have different reasons for buying a house. Some have to do with relocation, economics, familia status. Others just want to stop paying a landlord or catch the American dream of home ownership. But with the economy and housing market screeching to a halt the last two years, some buyers are worried that housing  prices are

Yes Virginia, There Really are Multiple Offers

I know many of you won't believe this, but the dirty little secret that the local media isn't reporting is that homes in the lower price range are flying off the racks. Yep...just like a bridal store having a super cheap sale on gowns with women knocking each other out of the way as they

Minneapolis Advantage Loan Program up for Round Two

To all you home buyers out there looking to buy a home in Minneapolis, listen up, as you might be able to take advantage of the Minneapolis Advantage Program. It helps potential buyers purchase a home in neighborhoods beseeched with foreclosures. Last year was the pilot program and it went very well (see more below),

the $8000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyers

I dove into the Stimulus Plan on the House Appropriations website to try and find out what kind of agreement the Senate and House of Representatives came to regarding the First Time Home buyers Tax Credit. Not the most fun reading, but extremely important to know about for any serious real estate professional.Currently, a taxpayer

Be Honest to the Listing Agent

The one thing that every transaction needs is honesty, even before anything is written on paper. Listing agents, well, some at least, put a lot of effort into marketing homes. Their time is very precious and worth money. So when a potential buyer calls them to request a showing, most agents will ask if the

Short Sale Does Not Equal Foreclosure

There seems to be a misconception out in the public, and among some real estate agents, that a home being marketed as a short sale will shortly (no pun intended) become a foreclosure. I hate to burst the bubble of anyone waiting for a home they really love to go into foreclosure, just because it

Make Sure You are on the Same Page when Purchasing a Home

When shopping for a new home, especially if you are a new home buyer, it is important for you think about what you want before you buy. One thing I have my clients do before we go house hunting is to sit down and make a list of the things they MUST have in the

Do I have to Sign a Buyer’s Contract to be Represented?

Lately I have had some buyers ask whether they have to sign a Buyer's Representation contract in order to be represented in Minnesota. In some states, like Florida for instance, it is not a state law to sign a representation form, but here in Minnesota, it is.It seems like everyday I run into a local