Confessions of New Construction, Part 2

Picking the LotSo anytime you decide to build, one of the most important factors is location. Not only do you have to decide if the neighborhood will work for you, but you have to pick out the exact lot you want to live on. Many things can affect your lot decision:Direction the House Faces -

The Good Faith Estimate, Part 1

When you apply for a loan, the loan officer is required to provide you with what is called A Good Faith Estimate. The name says directly what it is, an estimate of charges you, the buyer, will incure for closing the loan.Two terms that are always on the estimate, but sometimes never charged are the

Hitting the Grindstone Again.

Well, my husband and I are back to looking at new construction homes this weekend. The last couple weekends we have been viewing resales that are anywhere from 3-10 years old, but haven't seen anything that is making us say "We Love It!". (Especially when it comes to price versus the amenities)We found a builder

A Sure Way to Kill a Deal

If you want to make sure you never get an offer on your home, then have these little creatures at the front door waiting to greet your guests. They like to secretly jump on people, but wait until they leave the home to let their presence known. A year ago I was showing a four-plex

Cheaper than Rent

If it Sounds too Good to be True, it Probably IsMost of us have heard this phrase sometime in our lives and we usually live by it. But in some cases, the deal just sounds good. Take for instance the flyer I received in the mail from a local real estate company. Their goal is

The Skinny on Minneapolis Home Owners Associations

So you found that perfect condo or home, in the perfect neighborhood. You figure out what your monthly mortgage payment will be, how much taxes you will owe, the home owners insurance, and finally any Private Mortgage Insurance that you hate to pay. But don't forget the most overlooked fee to home ownership...the HOA fee.Home

Confessions of a Foreclosure…

...well, a near foreclosure. I have been thinking about when I would finally sit down and write about my experience on almost going into foreclosure. In a way, it is a very personal experience that I never want to live through again. But at the same time, it is an important lesson for all to

The Complexities of a Buyer’s Real Estate Transaction, Part 1

How a Buyer's Agent Shows their WorthI have been hearing as of late there is some confusion on what a Buyer's agent does for a buyer client. A lot more is involved than just driving a buyer around and showing homes. As an Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR), I have taken the time to achieve additional

Surveys Should Always be Part of a Transaction

Unlike most Minneapolis real estate agents in the area, I am a big lobbyist for a seller to provide a survey any time they sell their single family residential property. Some think it is a waste of money. Others might not see the need. I mean, you can see how the lot sits next to