Yes Virginia, There Really are Multiple Offers

I know many of you won't believe this, but the dirty little secret that the local media isn't reporting is that homes in the lower price range are flying off the racks. Yep...just like a bridal store having a super cheap sale on gowns with women knocking each other out of the way as they

Ways NOT to Sell a House

There are obvious ways that should not be pursued when trying to sell a home. I really don't care what type of home it is, or what the circumstances are for the sale (foreclosure, short sale, etc), but there is just no excuse for the agents listing these homes to take photos like the ones

Copyright on my Minneapolis Blog

(I placed this post originally on my Historic Home Blog today, and thought it best to bring it on over to my other blogs, as an FYI about copyright and not stealing my photos and content.)A recent incident that is now recurring is forcing me to write this post about copyright of photos used on

Writing a Post Everyday…Does it Really Matter

I have been thinking lately how life is keeping me from blogging everyday. I used to write everyday the first year or more of this blog, but am finding it difficult to keep up. Business has picked up and so has life with two kids. There are some other successful real estate bloggers in town

Tea Parties and the Media Discrace

I have to say, it is really disappointing that in today's society, only certain people are allowed to voice their opinions in opposition. After watching the news clip I have included below, of a CNN reporter cutting off a demonstrator who is just trying to point out why he is there, I have to say

Where Have I Been?

Well, to answer it, very busy.Birthday PartySick with the Flu for a weekClosings and new ListingsVolunteer WorkReading Books that have been on my shelf for a YearVisiting FamilyWaiting for SpringBut now I think I am back. Has anyone even missed me?

the $8000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyers

I dove into the Stimulus Plan on the House Appropriations website to try and find out what kind of agreement the Senate and House of Representatives came to regarding the First Time Home buyers Tax Credit. Not the most fun reading, but extremely important to know about for any serious real estate professional.Currently, a taxpayer

Who are the Next Businesses to Fail?

I just read an interesting article which predicts the next 15 companies that could likely fail in 2009. While some of them are no big surprise, like Chrysler, who should have failed decades ago, or Blockbuster, who has been struggling ever since online video rentals have taken off (I am an avid Netflix fan), some

Will the Proposed Stimulus Plan Really Work?

CNN released an article today letting us take a peak at where the $825 Billion will go if Barack gets his way with the new stimulus plan he is pushing for acceptance. Looking at the numbers, I see a lot of items that leave me wondering how exactly they are going to stimulate the economy.Take

Be Honest to the Listing Agent

The one thing that every transaction needs is honesty, even before anything is written on paper. Listing agents, well, some at least, put a lot of effort into marketing homes. Their time is very precious and worth money. So when a potential buyer calls them to request a showing, most agents will ask if the