Make Sure You are on the Same Page when Purchasing a Home

When shopping for a new home, especially if you are a new home buyer, it is important for you think about what you want before you buy. One thing I have my clients do before we go house hunting is to sit down and make a list of the things they MUST have in the

Final Entries in for the 2008 Magnificent 7 Best Consumer Articles

Back in February of 2008, one of my posts was featured in Larry Cragun's Magnificent 7 monthly contest over at the Real Estate Undressed blog. It was an article on how some home owners can't handle the truth about the condition of their home, and thus, blame the agent for an honest opinion.At the end

Here’s To a New and Better Year

Don't we all wish for the next year to be better than the last? I know I always do...and I make goals, both business and personal, to help keep me on track to having a better year. I think the real estate market will do better than last, though it will still be "sluggish" compared

the No Offer

Nothing bugs me more than an agent who calls to inform me that they will be sending an offer on one of my listings, only to never receive it. After I give him or her my fax number and email address to send it to, after I email them the Seller's Property Disclosure, after I

The Failure of Home Builders in the Twin Cities

For the last few months, it seems every week I hear of another local builder closing its door, or filing for bankruptcy. The first big one to go down this year was MW Johnson, the 11th largest builder in the state, who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June of this year. Even though their

Just in Case You Want to Know

There is a lot of mis-information on how much real estate agents earn floating around the media, so I thought you might like to see the newest income stats for Brokers, agents, and Realtors. Remember, brokers run the business, all of us are agents, but only those who proscribe to a Code of Ethics can

How the Next President Could Effect Your Taxes

One of my financial advisors from Merrill Lynch sent this interesting article on how the two presidential candidates might effect your future pocketbook.Two Candidates, Two Different Tax PlansThe next president will have much to say about taxes and investments. From the capital gains rate to the corporate tax rate, here’s what to expect after the

Are Buyers Spoiled?

For the last few months, I have been working on and off again with several buyers, which is keeping me really busy. However it is proving difficult to find a home that each of them likes. Now, trust me, we are finding homes that are fantastic, but it seems buyers want the cake and to

Ugliest Architecture in Downtown Minneapolis

I ran across a funny read from the Star Tribune about ugly buildings in downtown. The writers drove around to see what they could find for terrible facades and design. I have to say, I agree with them, I really loath late 60s building design, not to mention most buildings from the 70s. Not an