Smart Meters Coming to Minneapolis

I can't tell you the number of times I have been driving in Minneapolis trying to find a parking spot that doesn't have a coin meter because I forgot to bring quarters to feed the machine. It never fails that I then have no choice but to park with a meter, and pray I can be

The Ugly New Wing of the Swedish Institute

I was reading the Star Tribune today when I came across an article about the American Swedish Institute's architectural design for the new $21.5 Million expansion and renovation they are planning. Now, I understand the trend in Minneapolis is to make every new building "modern" with some outrageous angular design that only an architect

Don’t Squat On Me

Throughout the Twin Cities, and especially in Minneapolis and Saint Paul which have the highest number of vacant homes, it is bound to happen that uninvited guests might take it upon themselves to utilize your vacant property. Those less fortunate souls, either out of a job or out of a home, decide it is ok

Lakewood Cemetery

If you want to check out a beautiful cemetery, then visit the Lakewood Cemetery between Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It also has a lot of famous people buried there that helped put the Twin Cities on the map.

Yes Virginia, There Really are Multiple Offers

I know many of you won't believe this, but the dirty little secret that the local media isn't reporting is that homes in the lower price range are flying off the racks. Yep...just like a bridal store having a super cheap sale on gowns with women knocking each other out of the way as they

Spoon Gets It’s Cherry Back

On Friday, the art piece "Spoon and Cherry" at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, got its cherry back, after a few days of getting a new paint job. I took this photo yesterday, which was hard considering the amount of photographers there and prom goers.

Minneapolis Advantage Loan Program up for Round Two

To all you home buyers out there looking to buy a home in Minneapolis, listen up, as you might be able to take advantage of the Minneapolis Advantage Program. It helps potential buyers purchase a home in neighborhoods beseeched with foreclosures. Last year was the pilot program and it went very well (see more below),

The Gardening Itch is Here

Now that we have had a couple of "warm" days (above 40 degrees), I have been out in the garden taking inventory of what spring bulbs might be peaking out of the soil. So far, some of my Iris bulbs are coming up and I can't wait to see if they bloom this year.We have

Lake of the Isles in Winter

I was showing homes last week around Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis and noticed the ice rink on the Lake, created by clearing off the layer of snow. For those of you who don't have raging hockey fans where you live (or frozen lakes, for that matter), it is quite a common practice here