Twin Cities Rentals One Step Closer to Lead Free

HUD, EPA AND U.S. ATTORNEY IN MINNESOTA ANNOUNCE LEGAL SETTLEMENT WITH MINNEAPOLIS AND ST. PAUL LANDLORDSWASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota today announced a legal settlement with nine Minneapolis-St. Paul area property owners and one property

How the Mortgage Debt Cancellation Relief Act Could Help You

After much anticipation and a full year of home owners facing foreclosure sweating it out, H.R. 3648 - Public Law 110-142 was finally signed into law December 20, 2007.One of the pitfalls of a short sale or foreclosure is that any debt amount forgiven or discharged by the lender is recognized as taxable income by

The Tax Man Goeth…

A current problem here in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas is the depreciation of home values. The Minneapolis Association of Realtors is estimating that home appreciation values for 2007 will actually be negative. We will find out for sure when the report comes out in February.This post isn't about home values, though, it is about

Help Saint Paul Win!

St Paul has the chance to win the opportunity for HGTV to come to town and help three local improvement projects take flight through their new television program Change the World. Start at Home. Nine cities across the country are competing for life-transforming assistance - and viewers will decide through voting. Votes can be cast

Vaccinations in Minnesota

I never really gave child vaccinations much thought until I had my own children, nor did I give any thought about the possible harm that multiple shots could bring to my child. I did some reading up on childhood vaccinations and found that there are serious side affects that can result from allergic reactions. Thankfully,

Minneapolis Home Owner Wins on Oprah!

Yes, I watch Oprah. I cannot help myself. So today's episode was right up my alley, as "O" Magazine announced the three winners of its "Do It Yourself" design challenge. One of the winners was none other than a Minneapolis resident, Kirsten Hollister. Her European design caught the judge's eyes as unique and high quality.A

See, it isn’t That Bad in Minneapolis

Today Forbes released a list of the most affordable cities to live well in, and no big surprise to us here, but Minneapolis came in number one. Forget about New York, Chicago, and LA, midwestern cities rank in the top three. Indianapolis and Cincinnati came in second and third.Big cities might have tons of art,

What Goes Around Comes Around

When you cheat a little, you sometimes get a way with it. When you cheat BIG, you almost always get caught. Kids learn this at an early age, and adults would be wise to remember life's lessons. But apparently a local Twin Cities builder chose to ignore the age old rule that "What Goes Around

New Rules for FHA Buyers

The US Department of Housing and and Urban Development (we all know them as HUD) has passed down a new law concerning downpayment assistance for FHA loans. Effect 10/31/2007, sellers can no longer be looked to for help.In the past, buyers have been able to receive money from a seller as downpayment assistance for their

Expensive Land in Minneapolis

Well, after months of back and forth negotiations, the downtown parcel of land that will be the site of the new Minnesota Twins stadium has finally got a price tag. For the small sum of $28.9 Million, Hennepin County will be purchasing the eight acres of valuable real estate so us baseball fans can finally