Minnesotas Best Small Towns…

...well, at least according to the new issue of Midwest Living. Now some of you might think your small town should have been noted in the magazine. So I am giving you the opportunity to tell me about your town via comments. Those that nominate their town will see their town highlighted here, as long

Minnesota Homes in Foreclosure, Part 2

This weeks follow on to the Minnesota Homes in Foreclosure series explains the Methods of Foreclosure found in Minnesota. Not all states have the same methods, so check with your local agent for more information.Remember that the reason for a mortgage is to give the lender the right to foreclose, have the property sold, and

Minneapolis Median Sales Prices

The Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors recently released 2006 data for Median Sales Prices in various areas of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Below is a breakdown of Minneapolis specific neighborhoods according to the Multiple Listing Service, including the percentage increase in sales price since 2000.Calhoun - Isles : the average sales price for

Get Your Free Copy for June/July

I will be sending out a new home magazine called Jennifer Kirby's Home by Design starting this summer. The issues are delivered every two months so if you would like a Free copy for June/July, please let me know and I will add you to the publication list. Remember, this magazine is always FREE to

Flashing Lights are Trying to Tell you Something

If you are new to Minnesota, it might be important to know a state law that concerns your driving. Many states also have enacted similar laws and it should be common sense to observe it anyway.When driving down any road with two lanes or more and you see flashing emergency lights from a police vehicle,

Proactive Property Assessors Could Help with Property Taxes

If only Minnesota County Property Assessors Would Care This MuchNot only am I licensed in Minnesota, but also in Florida. I specialize in the Northwest Panhandle, including Pensacola. I have just learned that the Escambia County Property Appraiser is asking for local Realtor help. With property taxes at their highest ever, Chris Jones wants agents

Brooklyn Park Passes Point of Sale Ordinance

Under the guise of public safety, the city of Brooklyn Park, MN is added to the list of 11 other local cities that require a Point of Sale Inspection before the transfer of property to a new owner. Anyone that owns a single family residence, condominium, townhome, duplex, or any other type of residential real

Remodeling in Minneapolis

Local Bloomington Couple Highlighted in Remodel MagazineReading is one of the past times I love...sometimes coming first when I should be updating my blog. I try to read at least two books a month and also the monthly magazines related to homes or real estate. While reading the Feb/March issue of Better Homes & Gardens

Most Don’t Have a Clue

More Minnesota Buyers should Look into a C.L.U.E Report before PurchasingA great little report that can tell you more than the sellers might, but is mostly unheard of by the majority of the public, is a CLUE Report. What is a CLUE report you ask? To begin with, the acronym means Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.

The Blind Mouse gets Tripped by the State

Ok, so the mouse saw the income tax increase coming at him full speed. What he didn't expect was that today he would get knocked down by our Minnesota state Senate. Apparently those on the Health, Housing, and Family Security Committee did not like my post a few days back about my dislike of the