Most Americans Happy with Their Current Home

Ninety Percent of Americans Do Not Regret Buying Their Current Home A new study released by Bankrate, Inc. and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International shows that, even with home prices sliding and mortgage rates the lowest in decades, the vast majority of Americans do not regret buying their current home. Among the findings: 

To Walk or Not to Walk, That is the Question

It seems like almost daily that I hear from a seller questioning whether they should walk away from their home, or stick to the commitment they made to the bank. Across the country, thousands of sellers are potentially facing foreclosure, and many are just not sure if it is better to find a way to

the $8000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyers

I dove into the Stimulus Plan on the House Appropriations website to try and find out what kind of agreement the Senate and House of Representatives came to regarding the First Time Home buyers Tax Credit. Not the most fun reading, but extremely important to know about for any serious real estate professional.Currently, a taxpayer

Will the Proposed Stimulus Plan Really Work?

CNN released an article today letting us take a peak at where the $825 Billion will go if Barack gets his way with the new stimulus plan he is pushing for acceptance. Looking at the numbers, I see a lot of items that leave me wondering how exactly they are going to stimulate the economy.Take

Final Entries in for the 2008 Magnificent 7 Best Consumer Articles

Back in February of 2008, one of my posts was featured in Larry Cragun's Magnificent 7 monthly contest over at the Real Estate Undressed blog. It was an article on how some home owners can't handle the truth about the condition of their home, and thus, blame the agent for an honest opinion.At the end

My Last Post Gives Me Chills

In my recent post about not showing one of my listings on short notice, I mentioned a real estate agent's safety as one reason for not doing so. It just so happens that I found out, a day later, that a Wisconsin real estate agent was killed by a man she was showing homes to.

Here’s a No Brainer…

...if you are going to be in the national spotlight, then you might want to make sure you don't screw up. Better yet, if you have done some bad things in the past, you might not want to apply for competitions or national recognition in the future, putting yourself under the magnify glass.Each year the

Where’s My Crystal Ball?

Today Inman News Blog posted about a group of ACORN protesters demanding for the mortgage industry to save their homes. Apparently there are some home owners out there that didn't know what they were doing when the refinanced their mortgage. There are even some who took out huge amounts of equity from their home, and

Pushy Appraisals Could Be No More

I have been in the real estate business long enough to see some iffy appraisals come across my desk for my clients. No more was this so then during the housing boom. Appraisers seemed pressured to "make it happen". And needless to say, some home owners and real estate agents, not to mention the banks,