Unique Homes Require Unique Marketing

Times have changed. No longer can you just stick a sign in the yard and get a home to sell. Agents and home owners have to come up with innovative ideas that will spark interest in a buyer's mind. For some homes, this is a relatively easy task, but there are those rough gems out

Note to FTC – Get a New Business to Intimidate

So, after a few years of hearing complaints about the FTC lawsuits going on against all these Multiple Listing Services across the country, it appears that the Gestapo tactics of intimidation are starting to back fire on the FTC. Just this week, two MLS boards have been vindicated in the court of law for NOT

New Rules for FHA Buyers

The US Department of Housing and and Urban Development (we all know them as HUD) has passed down a new law concerning downpayment assistance for FHA loans. Effect 10/31/2007, sellers can no longer be looked to for help.In the past, buyers have been able to receive money from a seller as downpayment assistance for their

Just Who is Responsible?

Yesterday I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about Utility Companies closing down local offices, in favor of on-line customer service centers. No longer can you walk into their office to pay your utility bill, but must do so on-line. But what happens if there is a computer glitch and your payment

Death to the Phantom Tax!

Minneapolis Real Estate Owners in Foreclosure Could be in LuckWell, it looks like we could be having a funeral very soon. Let's all cross our fingers and pray for it to die. I'll be the first to shovel some dirt over the coffin...and let's make sure we dig a really, really deep hole so it

Most Don’t Have a Clue

More Minnesota Buyers should Look into a C.L.U.E Report before PurchasingA great little report that can tell you more than the sellers might, but is mostly unheard of by the majority of the public, is a CLUE Report. What is a CLUE report you ask? To begin with, the acronym means Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.

Using the Web to Find Information Your Realtor Won’t Tell You

By Amy Hoak From MarketWatchSteve Roddel was walking through a house in Fort Wayne, Ind., when he wondered aloud if there were any sex offenders living in the neighborhood. Instead of commenting on her own, the real estate agent showing the home quickly pulled out her cell phone, connected to its Web browser and brought

What is a Realtor to the Public?

One Viewpoint of a Minnesota Realtor®What do you think the graphic to the left represents? Do you know what the word "Realtor" means? Most in the public have an incorrect perception of what a Realtor® is and the benefits one brings to a real estate transaction. I thought I would take the time to clarify

Home Owners Have Hard Time Finding Affordable Insurance

Home Owners living in Coastal states are finding it harder to find affordable home owners insurance. No one has been more affected than the state of Florida. Apparently the back lash against insurance companies has gotten so great that the Florida state legislature approved in January a measure aimed at reducing premiums offered by private