I think the new Windy City should be Minneapolis. After a weekend of storms that only produced high winds (at least where I live), it would be befitting.

I moved from Florida because I didn’t want to be in the path of hurricanes anymore. Seems like they followed me here to Minnesota. Hurricane season officially starts in April so why not break the mold and debut in Minnesota?!

I was sitting by my upstairs window yesterday when a 10 foot piece of metal siding hits the window, then proceeds to do some acrobatics in the air, before crashing to the ground on my sidewalk. You’ve got to be kidding. I would say the winds yesterday were equivalent to a Tropical Storm or Category 1 hurricane winds. (at least from the flying debris)

Oh, now I remember…up here they are called Tornadoes. Where is Jim Cantore when you need him? Here’s a bit of good advice, if Jim (from the Weather Channel) shows up in your town, leave right away. He is always in the path of a storm and most of the time your town is destroyed and he is the only thing standing. Enjoy your spring!

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