Christmas holds special traditions for everyone. Over the years, we seem to stumble onto things that make us smile and appreciate the season. We even marry into families and merge traditions. I think that is one of the most fun things to discover about us all, the little quirks we all have. Each of us is so similar, but yet so different.

One tradition I have married into is the yearly Christmas viewing of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Yeah, it can be cheesy in a few places, but it has such a great message(s). Here are the two I like:

1. Touching someone’s life – think about it. How many people have you met over the great course of your life? Have you ever stopped to think how something as simple as just saying hello could brighten some one’s day so much that it would cause them to change? What would life be like without you in it? I tend to think it would be a much sadder place without you. I look back on my life and think about people from my past. Everyone I have ever met has in some way shaped who I am.:

-the teacher who told me I am terrible at writing would be surprised to see me writing a blog

-the father who told me I could be anything if I just put my mind to it kept me believing in myself

-the sales lady that was rude to me always makes me remember “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Who has influenced you during your life? While we all appreciate the good, even the negative can mold the clay.

2. The Silver Lining: I guess I tend to look at life knowing there is always a silver lining, always a good side to everything bad that happens. One motto I like is “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. I also feel that “everything happens for a reason”. Often I tell buyer clients that lose out on a home they think they love, that it wasn’t meant to be their home. Their home is still waiting for them, we just need to find it. Amazingly, each time this happens, my clients are surprised to find out how right I am.

Life is a journey. If we never have bad days, how will we know what is a good one? If we never fail, how will we ever succeed? There is always a silver lining…you just have to look for it in the oddest places sometimes.

The movie, though old, holds a great message. If you haven’t seen it, then you might want to check it out. I for one am glad to take on a new tradition. After all, growing is part of life, and if you stop growing, then life becomes boring. Here’s a new years resolution – stop being boring and do something new this year.

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