Yesterday I left you wondering how we picked our lot, and I am sure you lost lots of sleep in anticipation. The photos are of the lot now that it is cleared and there is a short video at the end of the post. So here it goes.

  • Direction of the House – the lot we chose has the back of the home facing south. This was very important to us as it keeps the sun on the sides of the home with less windows during the morning and afternoon, keeping our energy bill down.
  • What is Behind the Lot – we got lucky that the lot has a natural preserve with some wetland behind us. When we go on our balcony or my kids play in the yard, we will have alot of privacy.
  • Street or Cul-de-Sac – since we have children, we were concerned about street safety, so a cul-de-sac lot was our best choice. If helps also that the area is at a dead end so the only traffic will from the residents.
  • Trees or None – well, the builder cleared the lot from the beginning, but since the lot backs up to a natural area, we have a line of trees on our back lot line. A few are on our property. The trees will add some great shade during the summer and make the view more appealing.
  • Builder Premiums – as you can guess, this lot was more expensive then the other lots and the builder put a nice premium on it, one reason it hadn’t sold before we came along. It is also one of the larger lots because it is pie-shaped. Luckily the builder was giving some great concessions and we were able to get half off the premium.
  • Size of Lot – the lost is about a third of an acre, so we have room in the back for a nice yard and a deck.
  • Lot Location – the only thing different about the location is that there is a walking trail next to the home. We didn’t feel this was a big issue as it isn’t used much and the trail goes through the whole preserve. And it will make a good sledding hill in the winter! It is very quiet in this part of the neighborhood, which we love.

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