Staking the Lot

The time will eventually come when the builder will stake out the lot, letting you know exactly where the lot lines and set backs are, and where the home will sit in relation to the parcel. At this time, the field manager will meet with you at the site and walk the lot with you. The goal is not only to inform you, but to also make sure you are OK with the positioning of the home. Not that there is anything you can really do, but most builders want to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Some builders will also give you a survey of the lot to keep for your records.

Don’t be surprised if it is hard to visualize your home at this point. In most instances, you will feel that the home foundation size looks too small. Don’t worry, it is an a illusion, and once the home is framed you will be able to get a better feel for the home.

Another thing to remember is that weather does happen here in Minnesota. Once our meeting with the field manager was complete and the dig date was set, it rained for two weeks straight. Of course it only rains when you least need it to.

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