If the city of Minneapolis gets it’s way, YOU could be seeing a higher utility bill in the mail soon.

The Department of Public Works wants to “raise” $16 Million by billing every Minneapolis resident to pay for new street lights throughout the entire city. Many of the city lights are 50 years old an deteriorating, and there are 40,000 of them! According to Public Works “The proposal includes more glare-resistant lights, and a mixture of low lighting in residential areas, and higher lighting in commercial areas.The proposal also includes lights that limit the amount of light pollution emitted into the atmosphere.”

Before you say that you agree and that the city does need some renovation, take a look at what it will cost you.

They want to charge YOU $10 per month…for 30 YEARS!

A major problem is that the charge is a “fee”. Some residents are asking for a property tax to be implemented because then at least they can write it off. “Fees” don’t allow one to right them off at the end of the year. I for one, think Minneapolis needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with another solution, that doesn’t involve fees, OR an increase in local real estate property taxes.

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