Well, after months of back and forth negotiations, the downtown parcel of land that will be the site of the new Minnesota Twins stadium has finally got a price tag. For the small sum of $28.9 Million, Hennepin County will be purchasing the eight acres of valuable real estate so us baseball fans can finally feel like we are at a baseball game. (Of course the “word” purchase is a stretch since the county took the property through condemnation and the price they are paying is the fair value as negotiated by a local judge.)

For years the Twins have played in the Dome, and let me tell you, Domes are no place for baseball games. It is too loud to hold a conversation with the person sitting next to you and baseball should just be played outside. I probably won’t be attending a game until the ballpark is complete which is estimated for opening season 2010.

Check out the webcam of the site during construction.

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