If you are new to Minnesota, it might be important to know a state law that concerns your driving. Many states also have enacted similar laws and it should be common sense to observe it anyway.

When driving down any road with two lanes or more and you see flashing emergency lights from a police vehicle, ambulance, tow truck, etc, it is now your responsibility to move over a lane. Too many police officers have been killed by distracted, inattentive, or just lazy drivers, who fail to move over for safety. The “move over law” was written after a local state trooper was killed as he was issuing a citation to another driver while parked on the shoulder.

By law, you are required to do the following:

  • Keep one lane away from any stopped ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement vehicle while passing them on a roadway with two or more lanes.
  • If you are not able to get over due to traffic, then you must slow down considerably.
  • Failure to do so means you could be the one receiving a citation.

Too many times I see drivers not observing this law. Maybe they do not know about it. But I honestly have to say I don’t care of their ignorance. It is common sense to get out of the way of any emergency on the side of the road. Stop rubber necking and just drive safely to your destination.

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