Well, my husband and I are back to looking at new construction homes this weekend. The last couple weekends we have been viewing resales that are anywhere from 3-10 years old, but haven’t seen anything that is making us say “We Love It!”. (Especially when it comes to price versus the amenities)

We found a builder that is offering alot of incentives in one Minneapolis subdivision, so we are checking out a couple lots and pricing out some options. Since we have been looking since January, we are in no hurry to buy. We also make sure to not fall in love with any properties. The last thing we need is to get emotional and pay too much because we can’t let go.

Last week we walked away from one builder who is just not facing the local real estate reality yet. He will most likely have to take a loss on the lots as he bought them for too much in 2005; however, he is still praying for those uneducated buyers to come along that will pay his premium. Good luck to him…but we won’t be those suckers.

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