The Hogs are Coming to Town!

Well, not the type of hogs you are thinking about. With the decline of the housing market, many owner/developers who were planning on building condo projects next year, are discovering the need to change tactics. Case in point, a local developer in Chanhassen had city approval to build twin home units on a residential lot, but now wants to sell the property to a Harley Davidson business. Local property owners are not too pleased, as it will require a rezoning to commercial and will also bring in the famous Harley roar.

Most Harley Davidson dealerships are designed very well in my opinion. I went into one a few years back to get a sticker as a Christmas gift and was really blown away by the stylish interior. It’s not exactly cheap to buy a Hog…you’re not buying a dirt bike here. While the clientele might prefer leather in most stereotypes, many affluent buyers love the look and feel of a Harley, plus the freedom is provokes.

From what I can see, the biggest complaint is regarding the potential “noise” that will increase in the area. I grew up with train tracks across the street from my house and was lulled to sleep by the sound of a train going by almost each night. I can understand the public concern about noise, but most people only buy a motorcycle during the day (when everyone else is at work), and dealerships are not allowed to operate on Sundays. So, the noise excuse really doesn’t have any merit in my opinion. The real reason is that property owners do not want a “big box” company to move in, but would prefer a cute little coffee stop and some nice boutique shops. I think there are enough of these little developments all around the metro area already. Lets see something different that will bring in business and provide around 100 job opportunities for the community.

Most likely the parcel will go commercial one day, if this proposal does not pass. Anytime a lot sits on a major highway, the future usually includes a business. I tell home owners I represent not to dismiss the first offer that comes in, as it may be the only offer they receive. Chanhassen residents might take this to heart…you never know, maybe a real hog farm is better…at least there won’t be any noise.

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