Well, in my case, about $300,000.

See, I am in the process of buying a home and now find myself in the shoes of my buyers and all the buyers out there. Seeing as there are so many homes on the market here in Minneapolis, I have to find a way to narrow the field. With two kids in tow, it is my responsibility to pick the best, as they can only last through four homes a day.

While it is required in our MLS that a photo be placed online within so much time, I am amazed that so many agents still only place one photo for the public’s viewing pleasure. There has been alot of debate on AR, ePRO, and Real Talk about multiple photos, and agents that pass these listings by when searching for their clients. Some felt that was unfair and not representing the best interest of the client by NOT showing them “every home”.

Let me tell you this…now that I am looking for myself, I am definitely passing any home by that only has one photo of the home. I am even passing those by with only exterior photos. I don’t care if the rest of the details describe it as what I am looking for, I just don’t have time to mess with a listing agent that refuses to snap a couple photos and post them on line. The last thing I need is to pick one of these homes and walk in to find it is in terrible shape. Now I have just wasted a home on my family who will need a nap soon.

So what is a photo worth to those sellers out there wanting me to buy their home? Well, $300,000. Without those interior shots, there is no way I will be writing a contract on your home simply because I won’t be viewing it!

My advice to sellers is that you make sure your agent is posting at least 6 pictures of your home into the MLS. If they don’t do this within a week of the listing, ask them to cancel the listing and find a better agent. Or better yet, when you are interviewing her, ask them about photography and how they implement it into the listing. You might be surprised that most agents do not take alot of photos. I have seen Million dollar homes have one photo, too.

(We have been searching for a month or so and still have not found what we are looking for. Of course it doesn’t help me being a real estate agent as I am more picky than the average buyer. You can see my first post about our search regarding Smelly Homes. I thought it might be good to those of you out there that care, to see how the buying process goes for me, so I will be making various posts as time goes by. It will be fun to be in my buyers shoes again and experience the pains they go through)

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