This gorgeous Spanish Revival home is located near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis and was built in 1923 by the well known local architect John W. Lindstrom. Mr. Lindstrom has designed hundreds of homes and buildings around Minneapolis and has even authored a few books about home styles and floor plans. In 1922, he published a book solely on two story homes, many of which can be found still standing today. Unfortunately, when I looked through a copy of the book at the Minnesota Historical Society, the above home was not included. Most likely because the home was not completed until after publication of the book.

The original owner of the home was Fred Soderberg, which looking at original permits, contracted out the work himself. All in all, it appears the homes was built for around $11,000. He didn’t live in the home very long, for the 1934 Land Survey conducted by the City Planning Commission shows a new owner by the last name of Kavanaugh was in possession, with 8 people residing in the home, including the maid.

With almost 4000 square feet and five bedrooms, the home sits on a large corner lot. It sold in 2007, for the first time in 35 years, at a price of $832,000.

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