This weeks featured Lowry Hill home in Minneapolis is 1203 Mount Curve Avenue.

Built in 1895, the home was designed by James Mcleod for A.D. Arundel. It is a most intriguing homes as it is set at an angle on this corner lot, causing it to easily stand out from its neighbors.

The Classical Revival, or NeoClassical design can best be visualized by the full-height porch, dominated by the fluted, Corinthian columns. The vibrant color of the brick flows well with the white trim.

From this photo taken in 1974, one can see a couple changes to the front facade. The roof dormer window has been changed, as has the front door location. Originally located to the side of the front porch, it is now at the center, adding to the symmetrical nature of the home.

The last recorded real estate sale of the home was in 1998 for $550,000. It has approximately 4300 square feet and five bedrooms/ four bathrooms.

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