This weeks showcase home is located in Lowry Hill, just off downtown Minneapolis. Located at 1769 Dupont, the home was built around 1926 as a single family home. It has since been divided into two condominium units, with one on each floor of the home.

The Italian Renaissance style in which this lovely home was built is not that common in the Twin Cities, but is found here and there in the more affluent neighborhoods. Italian designed homes feature low pitched hip roofs covered by ceramic tiles, bracketed eves, and classical columns around the porch entrance. (Not to be confused by Mediterranean styled homes which do not have bracketed eves nor classical columns.)

Unit number 1, I just discovered, is still for sale. It has been on the market for 14 months and is currently priced at $1 Million dollars. With about 3500 square feet, the home is feeling the market as condominiums are some of the hardest units to sell, especially when priced in the million dollar range.

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