This month I thought I would do a breakdown of Historic Home activity for the Minneapolis area. There are so many beautiful properties that have aged gracefully over the years, how can you not love them! All statistics are for homes built prior to 1920 and located only in Minneapolis.

$400,000-600,000 : The most active price bracket I researched, with 35 active listings and 8 pending homes. The most homes have also sold in 2007 in this bracket, currently at 62.

$600,000-800,000 : Currently there are almost the same amount of active and pendings (17), as there are solds for 2007 (19).

$800,000- $1 Million : So far this year, not too many homes have been listed in this price range, compared to others. Currently there are 8 active homes for sale, 4 pending, and 8 solds.

$1 Million – 3 Million : Surprisingly, those homes priced above $1 Million are selling very well in 2007. With 21 homes selling and 20 active, it appears to be a good price range to sell.

$3 Million + : Ok, so not too many historic homes sell for above $3 Million, but there are currently four homes for sale in this price range. The most expensive is priced at $5,750,000! No homes above three Million have sold so far in 2007.

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