Minnesota homeowners will soon be able to certify their remodel projects as “green” through a set of standards being developed by the Green Remodeling Group.

The program will be based on a point system, which will be awarded on four remodel categories:

  • renovation with no heated /cooled space added
  • renovation that adds space that needs to be heated and cooled
  • renovation that changes exterior without changing foundation size
  • renovation that changes foundation size

Once a remodel is complete, it will be required that a neutral third party inspect the work to certify it is complying to the new green standards.

Other great aspects of remodeling with green materials, according to the Green Remodeling Groups website, are that projects may qualify for:

  • Mortgage and home equity rate discounts
  • Rebates on building materials and products
  • Tax credits
  • Preferred utility rates
  • Preferred homeowner and health insurance rates

With the recent trend of consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, homeowners are wanting ways to cut energy costs. Going green includes more than just recycling paper. Now we must be concerned about the energy efficiency of our homes, water conservation, and recyclable waste. Building a green home, or just remodeling that way, might cost a little more in the beginning, but the long term effect will be nothing but profitable.

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