Minnesota has always been a state leading the way to better living. Now the state has taken one more step by creating Minnesota GreenStar, a new voluntary program for certifying homes and remodeling projects as “Green”.

The green certification for remodelers is the first in the nation and has a goal of encouraging home owners to choose more efficient, environmentally safe, and healthy ways to build their homes. The Green building standards take into account local building codes, energy codes, and seasonal concerns. They are still being developed and tweaked, and according the company will be finalized this month.

According to MN Green Star they are trying to ensure that homes under their certification are:

  • Healthier and more comfortable
  • More sensitive to the community and the environment
  • More efficient with use of energy, water, materials, and land
  • Less costly to operate
  • More Valuable in the Marketplace

Green building is much more than just making the home more energy efficient, or using recycled materials. Green also means using environmentally friendly construction vehicles, disposing of waste in the proper way, and through protecting the community during construction. As energy cost rise and our nation becomes more environmentally conscious, building green is going to be more the norm than the exception. With more Minneapolis buyers wanting homes that are environment friendly, sellers are going to have to take the movement seriously and make their homes as Green attractive as they can when it comes time to sell. The certification will help their homes stand out in a market of over saturated home sales.

Certification could also lead to other benefits, including:

  • Mortgage and home equity rate discounts
  • Rebates on building materials and products
  • Tax credits
  • Preferred utility rates
  • Preferred homeowner and health insurance rates

Wouldn’t you just love to get some of those savings and benefits?

Visit their website to learn more about green certification in Minnesota and think about making your next project as MN green as you can!

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