In my recent post about not showing one of my listings on short notice, I mentioned a real estate agent’s safety as one reason for not doing so. It just so happens that I found out, a day later, that a Wisconsin real estate agent was killed by a man she was showing homes to. Evidently he didn’t like her questioning him about his buying power, so he beat her and strangled her to death…then tried to cover up the evidence.

I am sure she didn’t feel threatened by this man at first as some agents never give a second thought to their safety. Many people, not just agents, are too trusting of others. Unfortunately, even the best mannered people can turn out to be criminals.

If you are an agent, please always be aware of your surroundings and have a plan of escape.

If you are a buyer wanting to see a home, please understand if the agent has some “rules” before they show you a home. Many agents will do or ask you the following:

  • Meet them at their office first
  • Show valid ID
  • Take your license plate number
  • Check in multiple times with their office as they are giving you a home tour
  • See parts of a home, like a basement, without them

Understand that they are just looking out for their safety and mean nothing personal against you.

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