It’s really shocking to have a major interstate bridge collapse. I pray that everyone is ok. My family and my husband’s family all live in other states. So many people have been calling loved ones to make sure they are ok, that cell phone coverage right now is shaky. My relatives have been having a hard time getting through and of course, worry even more. The last hour I have been trying to call people to let them no we were not involved.

Many people read my blog, so rest assured I am ok. I didn’t travel to Minneapolis today as my son had a doctors appointment. I have experienced earthquakes when I lived in California and lived through three Hurricanes while living in Florida. Disasters are never fun.

At times like these, make sure you have an emergency plan. Tell family how to contact you other than by cell phones. Many times phone lines are destroyed or overrun by customers, making it hard to get through. And you never know when something like this will happen, so it is equally important to have your estate in order, should something happen. Make sure you have a legal will in place with specific directions about your family and financials.

You could lose a loved one at any time, so live everyday to the fullest!

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