Visit Bandana Square in Saint Paul

My son loves trains. Loves them. Anytime he sees Thomas the Train, he gets really excited and just has to grab it. If we are driving and see a train, we must stop, roll the windows down, so he can see and hear it. Of course, we love to oblige him because it is just too cute.

Last week I took my Wisconsin real estate class in St Paul, at a complex called Bandana Square. It is an old train station used at the turn of the century, and is currently used mostly for offices and a Best Western Hotel. The complex is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Children’s Museum was located here a few years ago too.

Take you kids to visit the Twin City Model Railroad Museum. It has scaled down displays of model trains and is a treat to see. If they love trains then it will be very hard to get them out of the museum. They also have a couple Thomas the Train activity tables where kids can play while you look around.

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