I have been writing on my two blogs about Minneapolis since January of this year. So far I have written around 260 posts between the two blogs. I also post weekly on my social blog on Active Rain. Many times I am writing after 10 pm, after the kids are in bed. While I cannot always write daily right now, like some other bloggers I know, I try my best to get posts out. Looking for a home has been taking up so much time as of late!

Some bloggers have been hitting the sphere since 2005 with over 700 posts. Will I last that long? Who knows, but I hope so. With technology changing daily, will blogging last or be replaced by something else? Who knows, but it will be fun to find out.
I don’t have the readership yet of the big players on the blogosphere, but then again I don’t post about national news too often and get controversial. I keep it local to Minneapolis, something most blogs fail to do (that is keeping it local).

The next year will soon be upon us, as time always flies when you are typing away! It will be interesting to see where this market will take us. I’ll keep you posted as best I can, just keep visiting and reading when ever you can…

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