How Photos of Your Home can Kill the Deal

Your Realtor knows how to market a home (hopefully), but they may not know how to properly take photos. Have you looked at the photos of your home currently on the web? You might want to if you want your home to sell.
Too many times I look through the MLS at photos of homes and wonder what the agent was thinking. MLS photos are like looking into the soul of your home. If they are out of focus, out of season (snow photos in the middle of summer), tilted, etc, buyers surfing the web will most likely pass your home by and not even look at what else your home has to offer.
Take a look at these living room photos. The room is small to begin with and I had to press myself to the wall just to get the first photo. The results make the room look even smaller.
Now, take a look at the second picture. It was taken with a wide angle lens attachment to my camera. It not only makes the room feel larger by getting more into the frame, but you can now see that furniture actually fits in the room!

Interior photos are not the only place where it can be difficult to get the shot you want. Exterior photos are just important since usually the first photo a potential buyer sees is a photo of the front of your home.
I was out and about in St Paul the other day and thought the James Hill house would be a good example of what I am talking about. The home is huge, sits close to the street, and is surrounded by a cast iron fence, so getting the home in a shot is quite difficult. Here are the photos with just my camera, and then again once I add the wide angle lens attachment.
So when interviewing an agent to list your home, ask them what kind of camera they use, if they have a wide angle lens, or additional flashes to highlight important features. Also make sure you inspect the photos put into MLS. Don’t let the photos be of poor quality. Your agent might be marketing your home well, but if the photos don’t draw in Internet buyers, then everything else just doesn’t matter.

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