Once a week I go grocery shopping and on the way out grab one of those real estate magazines which list all the homes for sale. I, too, like to see what is being advertised, and I look at what my fellow Minneapolis real estate agents are doing.

While flipping through the pages, I often see a home I like and look at the description to find out the price. Lately I have been noticing that many Realtors in the Twin Cities are not putting the price of the home anywhere in the ad. How annoying! What they want you to do is call them so they can “capture” you and hopefully build rapport enough to create a sale. Now, this is a good way to prospect for clients, but if I find it annoying, and I am a Realtor, I wonder how the public feels. It would seem more logical for the price of the home to be included, that way buyers know immediately if the home is within their financial means.

Other ads for more expensive homes say “Upper Bracket”. To me this means that I am obviously too poor to even think about calling for the price. If the home is 6000 square feet on Lake Minnetonka, than it would be pretty stupid if I didn’t realize the price was most likely $1 Million +. Stop being “snooty” and just put the price in the ad. With more buyers shopping via the Internet, you can quickly lose someone by not including the most important information in your print ads like price.

Does anyone else find this annoying or is it just me?

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