The City of Minneapolis has announced that it will take on the cumbersome task of photographing each and every home in the city over the next two months. Yep, your home’s front facade will be taken for the city’s record and according to them will be used to “help improve the overall quality and accuracy of property appraisals in Minneapolis and to allow the Assessor’s Office to fine tune its property data, by confirming property addresses and other information about the structure/s on a given property“.

They also go on to say they will be photographing graffiti, looking into their emergency preparedness plans, and taking “before” photos in case of property damage or fire. I am sure the city realizes the concern of privacy that some home owners are likely to have. Jeez, if I saw a van outside my house taking photos, I would be a little freaked out. And of course there are those who will also believe this “data collection” as the city calls it will be used against them to increase their taxes. While the city website assures this will not happen, we all have to wonder in a time when cities, counties, and the state are hurting for revenue.

So, if you think about it, tidy up those front yards, plant some flowers, and get ready. The City of Minneapolis is coming to your front door!

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