Today Forbes released a list of the most affordable cities to live well in, and no big surprise to us here, but Minneapolis came in number one. Forget about New York, Chicago, and LA, midwestern cities rank in the top three. Indianapolis and Cincinnati came in second and third.

Big cities might have tons of art, culture, and sports, but the bussel becomes a hassle in most cases, not to mention the air pollution. Minneapolis ranked high due to “homes
[being] relatively affordable and residents enjoy a high quality of life and access to choice arts, leisure and entertainment offerings“.

Tons of data and analysis went into determining the top cities. We all know how crazy the real estate market is right now in the Twin Cities and some of us don’t like it. But we easily have it better than some areas of the country, who are fairing much, much worse. According to Forbes, our housing market is what pushed Minneapolis into the number one spot with 61% of the homes closed in the last quarter going to average wage earners. Pretty good when you consider residents in states of California and Florida can no longer afford a simple home.

It also helps that it is just beautiful here in Minnesota and that the state, and residents for that matter, are taking steps to create greener living alternatives. Of course, places like the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the Lakes area combine nature with the arts. And it also helps to have major corporations choosing the Twin Cities as their national headquarters. Target is an icon here in Minneapolis and their local donations help tremendously on creating a better living for residents.

So you see, many around the country probably don’t know where Minneapolis is, or understand just how great it is to live here. Having lived in California for four years, I have first hand knowledge on the “crazy” west coast life, and I know all about Florida living and the hurricane factor. I may not be a native of Minnesota, but I have to say this feels more like home than any other place I have lived. (Except for my hometown in Indiana…don’t worry mom, that will always be close to my heart)

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