I have finally been able to get on the computer and do some reading of other blogs. Mike Mueller put out a great post last month on why agents might not want to list a home that is near foreclosure or a short sale. Here is an excerpt:

Why Your Favorite Agent Won’t List Your Short Sale

So you’ve bought and sold ten houses in the last couple of decades. Every buy, every sale they were always there for you. They knew exactly what you liked and what you didn’t like. They always returned your phone calls. You were much more than a team. They are and were your ONLY Real Estate Agent.

So why now, when you need to list your short sale property did they decline to list your home for you?

I can’t speak for them personally, but I can give you a couple very good reasons why.

Visit Mike’s post to read more…

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  1. Ron June 25, 2008 at 1:22 am - Reply

    Yes I suppose an agent can know you really well over the years and build a good personal relationship, but I suppose if they didn’t specialize in short sales all of those years, that could be one reason.

    this blog looks pretty nice!


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