The last few weeks I have taken a step back from blogging. One reason is that I have been really busy with buyers, and the other is that I am just enjoying time with the kids. Like John Lennon says, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. I have found that sometimes blogging can consume me, and I forget to look up from the computer. The other day my son was trying to get my attention, and I was so busy blogging that I didn’t hear him.

When I finally felt him tugging my arm, I realized that, much like a video game consumes our children, so has blogging consumed parts of my life. At that moment, I realized that maybe I should take a step back and make sure I am not missing life as it happens. I decided to make a plan for my blogging.

My new goal is to only blog when my children are asleep. That means I will mostly be blogging at night, like right now. Have you thought about how blogging effects those around you? Do you no longer talk to your spouse because your head is buried in a laptop? I realized both I and my husband would have our heads in laptops at the same time. Now I make sure to close them and take time with ourselves.

We live in a world where technology surrounds us. It has become so much a part of our daily routine that we forget life with out it. Yesterday I stepped away from the TV, computer, and phone, and went for a long walk with my family. I even took photographs of nature after a spring rain. What fun it was to be free. When was the last time you were free?

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  1. Stapeliad May 6, 2008 at 8:39 am - Reply

    Oh yeah the prison of technology. I’ve been off TV for about 10 years, I just ditched the microwave…but I really am on the comoputer a lot.

    The other day I was thinking back to the days before I had a computer and trying to remember…what exactly did I do? I think I read more.

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