I have to say, it is really disappointing that in today’s society, only certain people are allowed to voice their opinions in opposition. After watching the news clip I have included below, of a CNN reporter cutting off a demonstrator who is just trying to point out why he is there, I have to say that I am just sick and tired of the media bias.

Journalism is dead. What we have instead are airways and channels of editorial reporting, where so called “reporters” give us their opinion and political beliefs on topics. Kind of like bloggers. We give our opinions and beliefs in matters, but we don’t hide behind the belief of being professional journalists. Heck, I’m a Chemistry major for goodness sakes. English writing was never one of my best subjects, but blogging has helped me get better.

But back to the reporter. If there is one thing I have learned when working as a professional, it is that you NEVER cut someone off when they are speaking. And the second thing you never do is become condescending to that person when their beliefs are different than yours. Obviously, this reporter, needs to go back to etiquette school and learn some manners. Not that I do already, but I won’t be clicking the remote to CNN anytime soon.

The last thing I will say is that I am very proud of those that made it out yesterday to show their disappointment and anger over the growing government and increasing taxes. I spoke with numerous family members and friends across the nation who went to their local Tea Parties, and everyone of them said the demonstrations were peaceful. Nothing like what was being reported by the likes of CNN.

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  1. Anonymous April 19, 2009 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    Where were all these people when the pro-business interests stripped us of government regulations that would have help limit the current financial crisis? Where were these people when Congress & the President increased spending AND reduced taxes- which took us from a balanced budget less than a decade ago to a $400B deficit before Obama even came to power?

    While I don't like all the spending we're doing, I also don't want another Great Depression. 99.5% of Americans do not know enough about economics and public policy to make an informed decision on what should be done so while the protests are certainly within their rights, they are arguing a point that they very few can back up with factual and scientific data.

    I'm not saying that the Government is doing the right thing but I am saying that they have far more qualified people working on the problem than the general populace.

  2. Jennifer Kirby April 19, 2009 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    I do disagree with you of course. I will never rely on so called educated experts to tell me something that I can figure out for myself. Just because someone is “more qualified” as you put it, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. In my life I have met more educated people than me who are completely clueless.

    Also, I will never believe in letting the government take care of me. It is my right and duty as a citizen of this country to protest and question the government. I do not blindly follow politicians just because they speak well and have charisma. The 99.5% figure you use is not “factual and scientific data” either, is just a fabrication to justify your belief that the demonstrators are clueless. Sorry, but those people represent a vast amount of Americans who do not like what they see in D.C..

    It is my firm belief that the people most responsible for the current financial woes are us, the people. The consumer became greedy with “get rich quick” schemes, a sense of entitlement for almost everything, and the desire to stuff our lives with “things”. Too many people lived on credit they should never have had. They demanded a part of the American Dream, forgetting that it must instead be earned, not given to them for free. Now, these people are losing their dream because they chose to take the quick path, instead of the hard path.

    You say you don’t like the spending either, but do you honestly feel it is all right to just let it happen, without voicing your objection? If we choose to bury our heads in the sand, our world will be completely changed in a few years, all because we chose to do nothing about it, and leave it up to the so called “experts” to lead us to the promised land.

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