Nothing bugs me more than an agent who calls to inform me that they will be sending an offer on one of my listings, only to never receive it. After I give him or her my fax number and email address to send it to, after I email them the Seller’s Property Disclosure, after I sit patiently by the computer waiting for the offer….I get diddly squat.

My next course of action is to call the agent, send them a text message, or email them, sometimes doing all three. Who knows, maybe the file was too large to get through email. Amazingly, these agents never return my calls. Is it embarrassment? Probably, but I chalk it up to pure old unprofessional behavior.

Like most people, I hate it when my time is wasted. So now, I don’t contact my clients until the offer is in my hand. What’s the point of disappointing them as well and wasting their time? So the lesson of this story it, don’t tell me about an offer unless you actually have one.

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