Ok, so every city has the rules of the road that we learn in driver’s Ed, but every city also has the “real” driving we see others perform everyday. I thought about this post as I was driving yesterday and decided to share some insights to Minnesotan driving.

  1. The Passing Lane – no longer do you pass on the left. Minnesota drivers love to go five under the speed limit, in the fast lane. They refuse to get over, so you can pass them, so you are left to either spend eternity behind them, or move to the slow lane and jockey for pole position.
  2. Speeding Up – My husband calls this “the test of manhood”. If you try to pass a driver on the right side because they do #1 above, those drivers will choose to speed up so you cannot pass them. It’s like you are questioning their manhood and so now they must show you their worth by not letting you pass.
  3. Driving on Your Bumper – also, another test of manhood. If you are lucky to get around said driver of #1 & #2, you have insulted them and now must endure them riding on your bumper for miles to come. Sometimes you might even get an evil look as you pass. Don’t worry, these types hate to speed, so after a couple of miles they will eventually back off.
  4. Bad Traffic – Ok, moving away from the above, we now go to the phrase I laugh at every time I hear it. Minneapolis and St Paul residents will tell you traffic is very bad here. I beg to differ. After living in San Diego for three years, and also having to drive to LA every now and then, I know for a fact that traffic here in the Twin Cities is NOT bad. Try sitting on the 805 during rush hour, or better yet, the 15 through Riverside, then you can talk to me about heavy traffic.
  5. No Speeding – I have never been to a state where so many people drive at or below the posted speed limit.
  6. Can’t Handle Curves – again, I have never seen a state where drivers cannot keep speed around a gentle interstate curve. Ninety degree turns are something else. I like cruise control, but nothing frustrates me more than having to put on my brakes because someone is scared of going the same speed around a 10 degree curve.

So there you have it, some local driving tips and things to look for should you find yourselves in Minneapolis, St Paul, or anywhere else in Minnesota.

If you have some driving insight that you would like to add to this “unofficial guide”, add a comment!

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