Beware of the Following Potential Problems when Buying Minneapolis Real Estate

  1. Structural Damage – seen more often on an older home, it can still happen on a newer one. Problems occur when water penetrates the foundation, floor joists, or window/door headers. Addressing the issue sooner than later is very important because the longer you wait, the more expensive it will become to fix.
  2. Older Heating Systems – There can be serious health and safety issues if an older system has been poorly maintained. Consider if it will have to be replaced soon and what it will cost you. In the mean time, make sure carbon monoxide detectors are installed throughout the home.
  3. Leaky Roof – A sure sign of roof problems are stains on the ceiling or missing roof tiles. Quick, inexpensive repairs can fix the problem, but if the roof is older, it might have to be replaced.
  4. Plumbing Problems – usually the repairs can be fixed without much expense, but common offenders include leaking fixtures and toilets, faulty seals, or just old plumbing.
  5. Poor Drainage – some lots have poor drainage and cause water to pool in areas around the exterior of the home. In worse cases, water actually enters the home. Proper use of eaves and downspouts can relieve the problem with just a little cost to the homeowner.
  6. Wood Rot – if too much vegetation touches the home and remains wet, wood rot quickly becomes a problem, especially in the summer. Wood decks that have supports directly in the ground (not into concrete) will surely rot within a few years. Make sure proper measures are taken to prevent any wood coming into direct contact with dirt.
  7. Leaky Doors and Windows– Improper caulking and weather stripping can cause air to penetrate the home and increase your energy bill. This is probably one of the easiest and least expensive problems to fix.
  8. Poor Home Maintenance – torn carpets, peeling paint, broken fixtures, missing window screens, stains and the like are all cosmetic problems that come with a home. Some states do not require home sellers to fix cosmetic problems found in an inspection, but as a buyer, it does not hurt to nicely request they be fixed before closing.
  9. Fogged Windows – when a window seal is broken, moisture is allowed to penetrate the interior panes and can cause what is called “fogging”. Even though the window still operates as it is intended (open & closes), you can usually no longer see out of it. This can become a very serious financial cost if more than 4 windows need to be replaced.
  10. Dated Kitchens and Bathrooms – a 40 year old home with the original kitchen and bathrooms might not funtion well with today’s lifestyle. If you plan on updating or renovating, take into consideration the cost associated to replace plumbing and rewire electricity. Make sure to get a couple bids on the job before you purchase to make sure buying this particular home is financially feasible.

Have you encounted any huge problems with a home inspection that you would like to share? Feel free to comment and let me know.

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