This post is in direct response to an email I received from my website. Apparently I have offended a visitor who was reading the “about Jennifer” page. I mention that I have lived in various places across the United States and have even traveled to China and New Zealand. The next sentence states that, in reference to China and New Zealand, these are two places that most people would never choose to visit. Some how, this one line, has “insulted” the before mentioned reader, saying “Why would people choose not to visit China and New Zealand? That’s pretty insulting. China is awesome and New Zealand is gorgeous.”

My question for this blog is why do people read “hidden” messages and meanings that aren’t there? Did I ever say that I traveled to China and New Zealand because they were ugly? You would think that knowing I have lived on almost every coast in America, I do not like to stay in one place, but like to visit different cultures (thus traveling to two locations most people don’t).
In fact, New Zealand is best described as a fairytale land…it has everything: mountains, glaciers, rain forests, black beaches, hot springs, farm land, and some of the most beautiful rivers you will ever see (I saw one with a rainbow over it, each end touching the sides of the riverbank). China took me back in time as China is very proud of its past. If you ever get to see the Great Wall, it is truly a new Wonder of the World.

The fact is most people choose to travel to other destinations. In my life I have only met 1 person who traveled to China and one person who went to New Zealand. Some people, if you ask them, do not know where New Zealand is and if they do, it is only because of Lord of the Rings.

So, to prove my point here are some of the top destinations people travel to:

  • the Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • London
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Las Vegas

Where do I want to visit next?…Egypt.

(data courtesy of Frommers and Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s surveys)

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