Maybe you didn’t get the memo…money DOES grow on trees.

I have always believed that a property with trees has more value then one without. After being a real estate agent and working with many home sellers and buyers, I have found that buyers, for the most part, like a home with grown trees. Studies are now showing that well placed thriving trees can add as much as 15% in increased value to your home. Not only are trees pleasing to the eye and add great curb appeal, but they also help to reduce your heating and cooling bill by offering shade.

I grew up on a couple acres which had probably 20 trees that were 40+ years old. As a kid, I loved swinging from the limbs or climbing as high as I could. In the fall, we had two huge red maple trees that were beacons in the neighborhood once the leaves began to turn a brilliant red. Since then, I am always looking for that perfect property that has well placed trees and different varieties. Just like a gardener who plants flowers of different colors and heights, it is just as important to offer variety in the trees you pick.

Over the last two decades, home developers have been going into areas and clear cutting every tree in site. What they are now finding out is that home buyers want some trees to remain in the yard, giving the property a more “natural” appearance. Covenants are even being created where trees of a certain diameter cannot be removed without permission. People are starting to finally see the value of trees. Yes, it might be a pain to rake up the leaves in the fall, but I sure do love to hear the leaves rustle in the wind or have a picnic with my family under the far-reaching branches!

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  1. Toby & Sadie May 9, 2007 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    Thanks for this great entry in the consumer-focused Real Estate Carnival. I totally agree with you that a lot with trees is much more exciting than one without and a lot with MATURE trees is even greater!


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