I think I have mentioned before how HUGE hockey is in this state. We have the Minnesota Wild for a professional team, and the big college team is the Minnesota Gophers, not to mention Mankato, St Cloud State, and Duluth.

My family is big Gopher fans and we attend games when ever we can get tickets. Gopher hockey is so popular that it is impossible to get season tickets. I called up the ticket booth last week to see about getting on the “LIST”, and found out that the list currently has 2800 names on it. Holy Cow! That means it could take 15 years to finally get season tickets.

See, Minnesota fans love the sport so much that they keep season tickets in the family. When a family member dies, they will the tickets to other family members. This creates a situation where vacant seats seldom come up. So those of us not privileged enough to have been in the state the last 50 years, have to defer to friends who might not want to attend a game, or see the Gophers when they play in the WCHA tournament.

Then again, I can’t complain. It warms the heart to know there are such strong Minnesota hockey fans. What other sport can claim this type of dedication and love?

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