Well, I decided to take the weekend off. It was probably one of the last really nice fall weekends we will have this year before the cold sets in. As a Realtor, everyone thinks you work 24-7. The fact is, that most of us don’t. Sure, we might spend the weekend showing homes, but that usually means we might take Tuesday and Wednesday off during the next week.

Yes, I have a cell phone and every time it rings I have the urge to answer it. Before I had kids, I answered it all the time…I had that luxury. However now I set limits because I want to spend time with my family. I tell all my clients that I don’t answer the phone after 6pm, that’s reserved for family. I also don’t work before 9 am because I like my morning time alone with the kids. Of course that doesn’t mean I am not on the computer blogging.

I have had clients call me at 3 am, wanting to know the address to the new home they just bought. I have had clients call 10 times in a row because I didn’t answer the phone the first time they called. I still didn’t on the 10th one either. Some Realtors advertise they are available 24-7. Good for them…I don’t function well without 8 hours of sleep so that doesn’t work for me. I draw a line between work and home, which can be difficult sometimes when you work from home.

So if you need to reach me and I don’t answer the phone, the best bet is that I am with family or with another client. Just leave a message and I will call you back. The same goes for email. I usually answer in a couple of hours, depending when I am on line. I love real estate and if you get to know me, it shows. Work with me, and I will work hard for you…just not at 3 am.

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