As far as water goes, this summer has not been kind to us. It has hardly rained and when it has, the storms have brought high winds, floods, and golf ball size hail. I had the pleasure of waking up two nights ago to a lightning display that rivals those I have seen in Florida. I think I was blinded by the flash every 10 seconds and had to close my eyes to walk around the house.

Almost every city around the Twin Cities has watering rules in affect. Our local lawns are suffering much, as most people don’t have sprinkler systems, and the pretty brown grass is everywhere. Real estate owners cannot water everyday and bans exist anywhere from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm at night. Most restrictions don’t end until September 30 and could result in a fine if you sprinkle your lawn at the wrong time.

Of course having a brown lawn is not good curb appeal if you are trying to sell a home in this market. Make sure to keep it watered as much as possible. Get it GREEN. Buyers might understand our lack of rainfall this year, but they will not be so understanding when they view your home. Even the tiniest flaw matters with our supersaturated real estate market, and a brown yard will surely kill the chance of a sale.

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