One of the things that has made my life wonderful is the ability to pick up and move every few years. It’s so exciting to learn about a new area. But once I get settled in, it’s time to go and I cry as I look in the rear view mirror and drive away.

Why would I do this? Well, my husband was a pilot in the navy so we had to move every 3-4 years. Luckily, being in the navy meant we were always stationed near water. There is something about water that is soothing and calming.

When it came time for my husband to leave the service, we had to have an in depth conversation on where we wanted to move to next. Being a real estate agent, I knew I could start over anywhere in the United States, so where we moved more depended on the jobs available to my husband. The only stipulation I had was there must be a large body of water near by. He was asking me to leave the Gulf Coast of Florida, paradise as far as I was concerned.

When he finally got a job offer, he told me there was a huge body of water in the state, but it was divided into 10,000 lakes. Since I wasn’t specific enough, he felt his part of the bargain was fulfilled. Knowing I had little chance of winning this mind game, how could I possibly argue with that? I hate losing on a technicality!

So here we are two years later. Living in a place that I most happily call home. In this short time I have fallen in love with the Twin Cities. There is so much to do and the scenery is some of the best I have lived in. Though I miss my Emerald Coast and some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever witness, I am a Midwestern born girl happily living again in the Midwest. While I never thought Minnesota would be my home, or that I would grow to love hockey, I don’t see myself leaving for quite a long time!

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